Maps, pictograms, signs, and guides that recognise the complexities of people and public spaces.


Multilingual dot matrix font for escalator signs in Stockholm

Screenshot of a website showing different materials, their names, and their makers

Future Materials Bank

Organising sustainable material from a global community of makers

Map with written text and a thin geographic line

Other Images of the City

Series of poetic maps exploring people's unique ways of navigating

Screenshot of a video call where two people discuss a series of pictograms

Pictograms for sensory environments

New accessibility pictograms developed together with community leaders

Stockholm City

A protest sign that recognizes all of Sweden's minority languages

The words 'Stockholm' and 'T-Centralen' written in Latin and Hebrew

SL Gothic Hebrew

Extension of an existing typeface for Yiddish language support

An airport sign with different destinations written in five languages

Brussels Airport Wayfinding

Recommendations on multilingual terminal signage and wayfinding design

Page from a publication with two columns of text and images in the margins

There must be other ways

MA thesis exploring alternative approaches to wayfinding design

TM Fietsparkeren

Explaining the rich diversity of Dutch cycling culture

Detail of a subway diagram showing a green line with several stations

Seoul Subway Line 2

Unofficial trilingual diagram of South Korea's busiest subway line

Everybody is welcome

Workshops and lectures on accessibility and exhibition design

Map on a wall in an underground metro station

Unofficial Amsterdam metro diagram

Finding a balance between legibility and local identity